Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry Repairs
Vintage Jewelry Repairs

Returning Vintage Jewelry & Antique Accessories to Their Pristine Condition

At Vintage Repairs by Linda, we strive to bring back the stunning appearance of antique jewelry pieces. You can count on us to provide exceptional restoration services for your vintage accessories.

Services Offered

Vintage Jewelry Restoration

We can renew the look of rings and other accessories made with marcasite, Native American silver, or Mexican silver through any of the following processes:

  • Restoring damaged finishes
  • Reshaping the item
  • Replacing missing finishing and plating
  • Polishing surfaces

Accessory Alterations

From strap shortening and lengthening to ring band resizing, we can carry out your requested changes to your vintage jewelry. We can even restring and restyle elements of your accessory, including pearls, crystals, and knotted and unknotted components.

Embellishment Replacement

Our company offers to find a genuine or faux substitute piece that matches your item’s missing ornamentations, such as diamonds, pearls, gemstones, and more.

Earring and Ring Conversion

We can transform broaches and other treasured items into earrings and rings based on the customers’ specifications. You can also turn to us for help in replacing the missing components of these vintage jewelry pieces.

Costume Jewelry Repairs

Our restoration specialist, Linda, can also fix and recondition your favorite costume jewelry pieces.

Clasp Replacement

Utilizing precious metals, sterling silver, and antique and bright finishes, we can repair different types of jewelry clasps, including lobster claws, toggles, jump rings, and magnetic closures.

Experienced in Restoring Jewelry Pieces From Renowned Brands

Since 1970, Linda has been repairing and reconditioning contemporary and antique accessories made by renowned designers, such as:

Vintage Repairs by Linda LLC
Vintage Jewelry Repairs
Vintage Jewelry Repairs

Request an Estimate for Your Restoration Project

Trust our repair specialist to make your antique accessories looking good as new. Contact us today to learn how much work is needed on your vintage item.