hermes handbag restoration & repairs

Offering Restoration Services to a Variety of Hermes Bags

  • 1 Color Restoration: Our custom mixed dyes which we use to coordinate with original Hermes colors
  • 2 Re-plating worn or scuffed metal hardware
  • 3 Reproducing or restoring that broken piece of hardware and returning to original condition
  • 4 Changing your bag’s zipper
  • 5 Restoring a torn seam on a wallet, belt or handbag
  • 6 Replacing worn handle or shoulder strap - or supplying an additional strap for your belt
Hermes Handbag repair for ostrich skin bag

Hermes Ostrich Skin Bag

Returned to original color and condition, moisturizing, polishing, cleaning and setting color while keeping original quill details.

Hermes Handbag Repair for Kelly Bags

Hermes 2011 Kelly Bag

Hard trapeze-shaped hard wicker body with finest leather trim.
Re-wove the torn wicker areas (using exact match to original materials) and straightening other areas showing both wear and tear.

Hermes Wallets

Both bright and tan color.
Returned their color to original while cleaning, moisturizing and returning original color and annealing so that color is even and worn areas given special attention.

Hermes Wallet Repair
Hermes Wallet Repair

Black Caviar Leather Birkin Bag

Cleaned, moisturized, returned original color and annealing so that color is even throughout with special attention given to lower corners which showed more wear.
Returning this classic Hermes to good “health” once again.

Hermes Handbag Repair for Birkin Bags

Hermes Handbag Repair Services Available

* Leather Repairs: Replacing leather trim or shoulder straps - duplicating or altering style as you wish.

* Linings Replaced or Restored: Replacing worn or torn lining or just stitching to repair if possible.

* Zippers Replaced or Restored: Replacing broken zipper or repairing if possible.

* Beading and or Embroidery: Replacing lost beads and restoring torn embroidery where needed.

* Piping Replaced: Replacing torn and worn piping and trim - duplicating original style and materials.

We always enjoy receiving your care and repair questions about your wonderful

Hermes Handbags

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