Chanel Jewelry Repairs & REstoration

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Excellent Chanel Jewelry Repairs & Restoration Work for Different Pieces

Vintage Repairs by Linda can work on a wide range of antique fashion accessories from renowned brands like Chanel. We have you covered whether you need a jewelry item repaired or completely restored.

Pearl Cross Pendant

  • Restored peeled finish on pearl and custom crafted flower to decorate same pearl

Pearl Necklace with Pearl Encrusted CC Charms

Replaced peeling and missing pearls - completing with expert re-knotting.

  • Gold electroplate pendants and closures returning to new condition
  • Replace all peeling and discoed pearls in pendants, cleaning all other pearls in order to restore.
  • Re-knot, as before.
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chanel jewelry,J chanel jewelry,J
Vintage Chanel Jewelry
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Crystal Sautoir Necklace

The Chanel jewelry restoration project needed total repolishing and gold electroplating to bring back the metal coloration and condition of this Chanel piece. We also had to clean all of its bezel-set crystals and close its connector jump rings properly.

Vintage Etruscan Necklace

We had the pleasure of working on the complete restoration of this antique accessory. Our chanel jewelry repair expert had to replace missing fringe parts to duplicate the original style and material of the lost embellishment pieces. She also touched up the darkened area above the tassel cap.

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chanel jewelry,J chanel jewelry,J

  • Replaced all missing pearls and black stones using genuine Swarovski crystals and pearls to exactly match original Chanel.
Vintage Repairs by Linda LLC

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